Electrical outlet not working?
Save time and money

If your electrical outlet is not working, this simple troubleshooting suggestion may prove to be an easy fix, saving you a service call.


The potential problem:
Your unresponsive outlet may be connected to a circuit with a tripped breaker.
How to troubleshoot it:
Check the face of your problematic outlet (or an outlet nearby) for a GFCI button. Push the button to see if it resets the outlet that’s not working. Identifying the GFCI button:
If you’re unsure where to locate a GFCI button (a.k.a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), check your hair dryer for a reset button. National Electric Code requires reset buttons on hair dryers for safety reasons. If you have a new or remodeled home (or property), you should have similar buttons on the faces of certain electrical outlets, usually those in these areas:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • utility or laundry spaces
  • wet bars
  • pools or spas
  • outdoor spaces
  • garages
  • unfinished spaces

If your outlet still does not work (or you prefer to avoid troubleshooting), call us immediately at 325-653-5197.